Oak House, Leeds – 2020


Oak House, 94 Park Lane, Leeds, LS3 1EL



Project Description

The complete demolition of a 5 storey office block and 2 storey car park.

General Scope of Works

  • Asbestos removal works.
  • Soft strip works across all buildings
  • Erection of scaffold to all elevations (and progressive removal as the building was demolished).
  • Full structural demolition of the 2-storey car park.
  • Full structural demolition of the 5-storey office block.
  • Crushing of suitable materials to 6F2 specification.
  • Removal of all deleterious materials off site to the relevant licensed waste facility.

Commencing the works:

  • We assessed the specialist plant required on site, and organised transportation of same, including excavators, transportation, labour, and site management.
  • Liaising with local authority and preparing relevant notices / permits / Section 80/81 Demolition notices etc.
  • Carried out the temporary works to facilitate the specialist contractors required on site (asbestos removal / scaffolding).